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The limits of this strategy ...

The limits of this strategy ... ( ...)

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How to create a special talent

Our mind is like others part of our body, it grow in relation to the exercise we do.

It is very important what we do, what we study, as we use our mind.

However, for create a special talent it is important bring the correct action from the first days of life.

The first 3 years of life are very important for development of the brain, as play the children, what see, the answers that receive, etc.

So in the school and in the work we must create the right conditions for develop a special talent.

When we have the talents, we can think also about administration of the talents.

The program of studios is very important. From were come an innovative idea?

Every time the idea come from a new point of view of the problem.

That is possible only if we open our mind and we do not specialize too much about a single role.

Every time we study, we are opening our mind looking new solutions.

In this time, our mind produce new ideas and explore new solutions.

In the work, the knowhow is more static and so it is more difficult find new solutions.

For this reason, it is important mix the time of work and the time of study.

With the actual organization of school a person or lost is idea, or must stop to study, like have do many special talent.

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